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About Us

Cheney Finish Works LLC has been serving the greater Spokane area for more than 10 years.

We specialize in custom cabinetry, hand-crafted with quality and pride, to your specifications at an affordable cost.

We design and manufacture cabinetry based on your unique and individual needs. This produces a unique product with its own character and design that reflects your needs, wants and style.

Our Goal

We strive to provide our customers with a product of unsurpassed quality with attention to detail.

CFW specializes in custom cabinetry, hand crafted with quality and pride at an affordable cost. We design and manufacture your cabinetry based on your unique and individual needs. 

The uncompromising service we provide is driven by the individual needs of every customer. By listening to your needs, designing cabinetry based on those needs, maximizing usable space and storage, using the highest quality materials and hardware, we are able to deliver a product that you can appreciate and enjoy for a life-time that is affordable.

We have a "can-do-attitude". If you can think of it we can more than likely build it. This kind of service is what sets us apart from the industry. We can accommodate any size job. Whether it is a 8,000 sq. ft. mansion, a kitchen remodel, a bookcase, hutch, bathroom vanity or entertainment center we have the same commitment of Integrity-Quality and Service.

Custom Defined

Custom basically means your cabinetry is designed and manufactured the way you want it. It means superior quality because your product has not been massed-produced. Custom  means-your project is hand measured and built to fit. No spacers no fillers. This adds lasting beauty to your project. Custom means-you have complete control over the wood species, door style, hardware,  the type of finish you desire and you have a pro-active part in the design process. This is important because the final product must meet your individual expectations. Custom means-more value for your money. Rather than settle for something, you can get exactly what you desire. This is what helps make your home your home. It will also add great value to your home. Simply put, custom means- "Hand-Crafted Cabinetry to Your Specifications"

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